The Zephinie Escape Chute

Pioneer of The High Rise Vertical Fire Evacuation since 1968

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To be able to escape from a burning building or
a structurally impaired building should be a
 human's right.

There is not technical impossibilities as many claim,
but only ignorance or conflicts of interests that
deny this right.


The WTC disaster analysis will prove soon or later that the ZEC technology is the only technology that can make safe enough tall buildings.

History will judge the "Responsibility or irresponsibility" of the non evacuation having finally caused the death of most of the victims resulting of the terrorist attack of Set.11


1. - Fast and safe fire evacuation of any high rise building.

2. - Fast and safe mass evacuation of hospitals.

3. - Evacuation of any handicapped person, in any place.

4. - Oil tanker evacuation.

5. - Hundredfold performance of mobile ladders

6. - Worker evacuation in high-risk work places.

7. - Freeway evacuation in case of earthquake.

8. - Monorail and elevated track transportation.

Since 25 years, the Zephinie Escape Chute has definitively proven that high-rise buildings, or any kind of elevated structure, can be evacuated faster than by stairways between 2 to 10 times up in case of emergency.

The original "Evacuation Vertical Zephinie Multiple Entry " remains the unchallenged Vertical Fire Escape Technology, however a yet "unknown" fundamental alternative in architectural design safety. High rise building and handicapped persons evacuation are in priority concerned.

All applications aim at the handicapped Persons Evacuation:

The General population has approximately 30% of it's citizens with some degrees of disadvantages regarding the use of stairways in cases of emergency.
The ZEC allows an equal evacuation performance for all the population, including blind persons. This fact has been demonstrated under the control of the French Government.
The Equal Access right should be extended to an equal Right of Egress in case of emergency.



Don't trust a ring of Scandinavian swindlers having marketed illegally the ZEC technology for years in Asia

You are welcome to learn about the unique experience of the ZEC's Technology








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